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           American Certification Services (China) Limited, the Asia-Pacific regional headquarters in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government and registered at the register, is an international reputation in the world-renowned multinational certification bodies, relying on strong technical support and comprehensive certification experience, is committed to international management system certification and product certification services to customers worldwide. Through a global network of ser··· [detailed]
      CE European safety certification, "CE" mark is a safety certification mark, the manufacturer is considered open and a passport to enter the European market. Those who posted "CE" mark of the product in the EU into a ...
      The new standard | ISO 13485: 2016 standard has been in effe
      News on preparations for domestic institutions
      How to choose Advice
      I agencies Asia Pacific headquarters site since 2007 and run
      Zheng: domestic market development in various regions of Rep
      Zheng: the regional market proxy and offices
      We invite all kinds of advice / adviser / training units lon
      China General Administration result of business development,
      input to query certificate from below
      2016 Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice
      The company started the new year notice
      Company year-end holiday arrangements
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